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Do you know how to get a house for much less? Real estate banks have the answer. In a real estate market “falling”, as described by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s a few days ago, opportunities abound.

No less than 635,000 homes were unsold in Spain at the end of last year, according to S & P. And of these, 30% is in the hands of the banks and the Asset Management Company from Banking Restructuring (Sareb) . Without a solvent demand, it is assumed that prices will continue to fall-since 2008, with the bursting of the bubble, they have fallen more than 30% . In a bearish context, financial institutions are launching aggressive commercial campaigns that include discounts of up to 70% and advantageous financing to release the stock.

Bankia Habitat sends a nod to buyers with the Now or Never campaign, which includes more than 2,100 properties owned by Sareb, both new and second hand, located in more than 300 towns (especially in the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Madrid) ). Customers can benefit from discounts of up to 60% until December 31. Solvia , the real estate company of Sabadell, has launched the campaign The opportunities pass , that is why they are called opportunities , additional discounts until November 15 on the prices that offer on its website. Same as Aliseda , the real estate of Banco Popular, which until the end of the month offers discounts of up to 47% on the previous price in a selection of homes. The new prices are, in some cases, 58% below market prices.


635,000 unsold homes were in Spain at the end of 2012, and 30% is in the hands of banks and the Sareb, according to S & P The sales are an excellent claim, although sometimes it is the customer who puts the price. BBVA maintains the Put Your Price campaign until December 31, in which it encourages buyers to launch their purchase offers. It is the same strategy used by Altamira Santander or Servihabitat , the real estate portal of CaixaBank . The real estate of Banco Santander has expanded until the end of the year, and on a larger number of properties, the campaign Tell us how much . As simple as making a price proposal from the same record of the property, identified with a symbol, and waiting for the entity to answer within 72 hours. The real estate company of La Caixa has already said yes to 36,000 proposals for the price of its customers.

Eliminating expenses is another way to reduce the price of housing. It is estimated that the expenses related to the purchase and sale of a home financed with a mortgage are around 11% of their purchase value. For this reason, BBVA has launched the campaign Homes without Expenses , for a selection of properties whose price ranges between 20,000 and one million euros (except properties of real estate developer and own promotion of Anida, the real estate of BBVA). The client does not pay notary, registry and management expenses, which are deducted from the purchase.

Lower prices and more advantageous financing. Customers who pass the solvency filters of banks can be found with mortgages that can reach up to 100% of the value of purchase or appraisal (the lowest amount), with a maximum term of up to 40 years, depending on the age , and an interest rate that varies according to the client’s relationship with the entity.

For example, La Caixa customers can enjoy a 5% discount on the published price of any Servihabitat or La Caixa Group property if they are members of the Multiestrella, Club Ahora or LKXA programs. It must be remembered that the entities offer special conditions for the purchase of the properties they commercialize . IberCaja has lowered a point the interest rate of its subsidized mortgage to equalize the fiscal advantages of 2012, for a lifetime, provided that the client meets all the requirements of connection. All the information about financed amounts, types, commissions and other expenses is provided by the offices of the banks, although most of them include simulators that allow calculating the mortgage installments.

Different strategies to tempt shoppers and thus thin the bulky real estate park.

Gráfico del precio de la vivienda.

The jewels of the Sareb

When the Asset Management Company from Banking Restructuring was created, it received almost 200,000 assets from BFA-Bankia, Catalunya Bank, NCG Banco-Banco Gallego and Banco de Valencia (Group 1) and BMN, Ceiss, Liberbank and Caja 3 ( Group 2).

80% were loans to developers and, the rest, real estate assets. They were the best properties, valued at more than 100,000 euros. Until October, 4,500 homes of the ‘bad bank’ have been sold to private individuals.

Buy a house in four steps

1.- Search. The first step when becoming an owner is locating a home that fits your wishes. The web pages of banks make it easy, allowing search by province, area, type, price, surface, rooms, second hand, brand new, vacation, news, etc. The information is usually accompanied by photographs and plans of the house.

2.- Budget. Deciding how much we can spend will make things easier for us. These pages show a selection of homes with greater discounts and news. Some publish new opportunities every day. It is also common to find alert systems, which warn the customer if the price drops.

3.- Contact and reservation. If you are interested in any of the houses, you must fill out a form with your contact information.
A commercial agent will respond within 48 hours to set a visit. The next step will be to make a reservation and then the bank will study the financing.

4.- Contract. Accepted the purchase request, you can formalize the operation by signing the corresponding contract. The operation concludes with the signing of deeds before a notary and the handing over of keys.

The housing offers of banks, one by one

The final stretch of this year is presented as a very attractive time to acquire a home, if you are thinking about it. The real estate portals of the banks are further lowering their prices with interesting discounts, which will be active for a limited period of time.


More than 4,800 properties offers the Banco Sabadell portal, with additional discounts until November 15.

Opportunities Housing from € 26,200 (Algemesí, Valencia). But the luxury is also low: two-bedroom house, two swimming pools, paddle and gym, in the north of Madrid for € 446,600, with a reduction of over 16%. Brand new apartments starting at € 209,000 in Barcelona and € 290,000 in Valencia. Upcoming promotions in Mallorca, San Sebastián, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Seville.

Financing. It offers financing of up to 100% of the amount and up to 40 years, choice of index and possibility of negotiating commissions, depending on the products contracted with the bank.

Tel. 902 323 000 | www.solvia.es


Homes throughout Spain, although the most common searches are in Madrid, Catalonia, Alicante and Valencia.

Opportunities The 20 cheapest homes in Barcelona range between € 65,000 and € 188,800. Stresses a brand new duplex of 100 m2 from € 127,100. In Andalusia there are 1,400 properties to choose from. The client may propose the price over some, although this discount is not cumulative to 5% of the multiEstrella, Club Ahora or LKXA programs.

Financing. Conditions similar to other entities. It has a loan for real estate from Sareb for first residence for a maximum amount of 80% of the value, maximum term of 30 years, initial rate of Euribor + 3% and annual review of interest.

Tel. 902 150 102. | www.servihabitat.com


The real estate of B. Santander extends until December 31 the campaign Tell us how much, in which the client proposes the price.

Opportunities For example, it offers apartments in an urbanization with swimming pool and gardens in the east of Madrid, starting at € 135,000. In Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona), one bedroom apartments in landscaped urbanization, with swimming pool and children’s area, from € 250,771. And in Valencia, with swimming pool, paddle tennis, sauna, squash, gym and surveillance, from € 100,900.

Financing. The Altamira Mortgage Loan finances up to 100% of the purchase / appraisal value of the home. The maximum term is 40 years and the interest rate varies depending on the client’s relationship with the entity.

Tel. 902 509 559. | altamirasantander.com


Up to 278 novelties announced in November. Among them, a selection of assets of the Sareb (new work and second hand).

Opportunities For the first time, Bankia launches an online auction, with more than 1,000 properties from the Sareb and located throughout Spain, which will be open until November 21. Prices start from € 43,393 and discounts can reach 40%.

Financing. With the Bonded Mortgage you can finance up to 80% of the value of the home, amortize the loan up to 40 years and choose the interest rate: variable or mixed (fixed during the first three years and then variable), in addition to the possibility of semi-annual review of the interest rate.

Tel. 901 117 788. | www.bankiahabitat.es


More than 37,000 properties for sale, owned by BBVA, Anida (the bank’s real estate company) and other developers.

opportunities Discounts that reach 70% and, until the end of the year, the campaigns Put your price and Casas sin (without expenses of notary, registry and agency) are still active. Its alert system warns of price drops and new promotions. In the Community of Madrid, many real estate solutions with a value between 35,000 and 540,000 € and discounts that reach 48%. It also offers information on upcoming promotions, as in Arroyomolinos (Madrid).

financing. Not higher than 100% of the appraised value, at a rate of Euribor + 3% reviewable semi-annually in a period of 40 years.

Tel. 902 575 700. | www.bbvavivienda.com


From the Popular Group , with reductions in the market price between 43 and 58% until the end of the month.

Opportunities Related to the Hipoteca Promociones Popular, loft-like homes in Las Rozas (Madrid) from € 163,000; Residential complex in La Garriga (Barcelona) from € 218,600. In Valencia, new homes for € 178,000.

Financing. Mortgage Aliseda: up to 100% of the purchase price plus expenses (notary, registry and agency), 40 years and without commissions, at a variable interest rate of Euribor + 0.90 the first year and Euribor + 1.25% the rest. Hipoteca Popular Promotions: up to 100% of the price and term of 30 years, with one type of Euribor + 1.25% the first two years without revision and Euribor + 1.75% the rest, with annual review.

Tel. 902 555 082. | www.gesaliseda.es


More than 400 properties in Zaragoza , highlighting the capital (124) and the neighboring La Muela (73).

Opportunities Discounts of up to 30% in the center of Zaragoza or even more than 40% in La Muela. It also offers a housing promotion in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) from 59,400 euros. And outside of Aragon, urbanization with golf course in Almeria from 64,000 euros.

Financing. Bonus Mortgage Superplus Opportunity II: 200,000 euros at 30 years, initial fixed rate
6 first months, 2% nominal annual and rest Euribor + 1.50% (2,117 Tae, fulfilling all the requirements of connection). Lowering one point in the differential compared to the previous offer, an annual interest savings of 1,975 euros. Until december 31.

Tel. 902 933 053. | ibercaja.es/inmuebles


The Andalusian community is its stronghold, with brand new homes, second hand and rustic properties.

Opportunities Among the offers, new homes in the center of Antequera (Málaga) from € 55,000; brand new flats in Benalmádena from 94.675 €; in Monachil, 8 km from the capital of Granada, for € 36,000 the cheapest. In the second-hand offer, villas in the province of Sevilla for € 70,000 or a wide offer in Cordoba of flats and villas, with average prices between € 150,000 and € 250,000.

Financing. Up to 80% of the appraisal value or the sales contract
(the lesser of the two), with flexible conditions for the buyer, in a term of up to 40 years and a personalized initial interest rate.

Tel. 902 247 007. | cajasurinmobiliaria.com

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